Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 30th: Here's Why Baseball's Cool

A simple look at the final score -- 5-4 -- might make last nights Indians vs White Sox game seem pretty hum drum, but it was a pretty wild ride.  

For instance:  It's the bottom of the seventh.  Score's tied.  Starter Corey Kluber leaves the game with runners on 1st and 3rd with only one out.  In comes Andrew Miller, our ace set up guy, who does what he does best: scare the shit out of everyone.  The first batter he faces, Yoan Moncada, he hits, which loads the bases.  Then comes Matt Davidson who has another wild at bat vs. Miller when Miller wins the day on a controversial call by the homeplate umpire, after Davidson was maybe hit by the ball.  At first, the umpire made no ruling at all before declaring it a strike, saying Davidson's bat made contact with the ball.  That got the White Sox manager out of the dugout and in the ump's face until play resumed with the call standing, eventually leading to Miller striking Davidson out -- and then striking out Kevan Smith, the next batter, getting Miller out of quite a jam.

And that's just a for instance.

Last night's game was a real gem where the Indians eventually got the go-ahead run after loading the bases and having a pinch hitter -- poor Brandon Guyer -- get drilled by a pitch, which brought in the winning run.  Let's not neglect to mention that reliever Gregory Infante had hit Yan Gomes to load the bases for Guyer and had walked the previous batsman, all with two outs.  This is the kind of thing that makes fans go nuts.  Like, what the hell are you doing, man???

But that's why I love baseball.  It's high drama.  It's real skill.  It's vulnerable.  It's unpredictable.

I wish I had time to write more, but that's my time for today.  More baseball thoughts soon, I'm sure...

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